Connect with us! Join the TSoM-NCT collaborative Virtual Internship and Job Fair.


Welcome to TSoM-NCT’s collaborative Virtual Internship and Job Fair - an event that allows employers and students to connect and interact virtually, build their networks, and learn more about the job market.

This event, open to all current TSoM and NCT students, as well as TSoM alumni and will run from 2pm-5pm (EST) on September 21, 2022. Students will be able to log in at any time during this period to interact with potential employers, and as an additional feature, will be able to create a profile and submit a resume ahead of time for available positions.

For Employers

The Toronto School of Management and Niagara College – Toronto Virtual Internship and Job Fair connects you with TSoM and NCT students from Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Cybersecurity Specialists, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Association of Charter Certified Accountants programs in real-time.

Through this virtual event, your company can conveniently recruit qualified candidates for internships and part/full-time permanent positions to address your staffing needs.
Our online job fair platform provides an easy and effective way to present your company, discover qualified candidates and conduct interviews on the spot.

A fully customizable virtual recruitment booth allows you to recruit efficiently by video, interacting with our students in groups, or having in-depth one-on-one conversations.

Increase your brand awareness and generate greater interest by partaking in the Information Session with students where information about companies and their upcoming opportunities will be shared.

Build your talent pipeline and recruit TSOM and NCT current students and alumni for internships, part-time and full-time positions.

For Current Students and Alumni

Through this event, you can:

Prepare in advance then conveniently join between 2pm-5pm (EST) on September 2022, 2022, from the comfort of your own home
Gain valuable networking experience interacting with prospective employers while exploring opportunities that may be of interest to you
Visit virtual employer booths to learn more about the company, connect with its representatives and be interviewed/or even hired on the spot
Obtain insights into the current job market and learn about ongoing recruitment trends from seasoned employers and recruiters employers and recruiters

Please consider attending workshops hosted by Career Services to ensure you are well equipped with supporting material for your job applications. Be prepared to provide highlights of your resume, your career interests, and to ask questions about the company.


Why should you register for this event?

Check out all the companies participating ahead of time and participate in the event from the comfort of your own home
Visit employer booths to learn more about the company, chat with company representatives and potentially be interviewed/hired on the spot

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual internship and Job Fair is just like an in-person career fair except that it takes place entirely online or in the “virtual” world. It gives you the ability to connect with company representatives, ask questions, submit your resume and receive instant feedback, be interviewed, or even hired on the spot.
No, a virtual internship and job fair features both in-person and remote positions from companies located all over Canada and possibly even worldwide!
The Fair will exhibit an extensive array of companies in relevant industries who are interested in learning about you, your qualifications and experience, and the potential you can add to their organization.
All participating companies have qualified representatives to interact with students and inform them about their business/organization, while evaluating potential candidates. This is an exciting opportunity to connect with recruiters and employers that you may not have previously considered.
Register through the link on your Career Services’ Canvas event page. You’ll then receive an email confirming your registration for the event. Create a thorough candidate profile that exemplifies your qualifications and upload your resume. (Remember that the Career Services team is happy to assist you with reviewing and refining your most recent resume!)
Complete your registration ahead of time by signing up at the link provided. Build your visible candidate profile and upload your resume. Once you have completed your registration, you can access the live event easily via your mobile/desktop/tablet device from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to ensure you have a stable internet connection.

On the day of the Virtual internship and Job Fair, you can expect to interact with employers through the group chat functions. However, some employers may wish to speak with you face- to-face. Ensure you are dressed appropriately so as to present yourself professionally.

In addition to your professional attire, you will also want to plan out where you’ll attend the Virtual Internship and Job Fair. Select a quiet, distraction-free location with a neutral background to ensure that you are prepared to speak with employers and recruiters.

Prepare a list of questions for employers and practice answering common interview questions. Attend the Career Services webinar on “How to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair,” to refine your preparation. Additional workshops on resumes, LinkedIn, and interview tips are hosted every week and you are encouraged to join.
Simply sign into your account and log onto the Virtual Internship and Job Fair webpage and begin exploring. The event will run from 2pm-5pm (EST) on September 21, 2022.
Yes! You can add all the documents available to your online “swag bag”. You will be able to email them to yourself or share items with friends and family by simply entering their email.